Personal Training 

I have been a wellness coach for 15 years. From studio fitness classes, to urban bootcamp instructor, executive health coach, and lead trainer for Fitbit Coach -- I have done it all. I currently offer in-home and small group personal training on the Big Island of Hawaii.

I work to improve my client's strength and mobility, and restore healthy movement patterns used in their daily life. I specialize in body-weight, functional exercise -- using minimal equipment, like calisthenics, plyometrics, resistance bands, TRX and Kettlebells. 

I want to take you outdoors! We spend so much of our lives inside and I believe that daily fresh air and movement can elevate many of the stressers that lower energy, stimulate weight gain and prevent deep sleep. Whenever possible, I take my clients outside to explore their neighborhood through an exercise lens.   

I have certifications from American Council on Exercise (ACE-Certified Personal Trainer), The BioMechanics Method (Corrective Exercise Specialist), Bauman College Nutrition (Certified Nutritionist), and TRX (Functional Trainer & Sports Medicine Suspension Trainer) 

Ready to get fit? I'd love to help!

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