Workplace Wellness Programs

Good Health Equals Increased ROI

Le'ola Wellness brings integrative nutrition and fitness programs into the office to support your team member's health - both at work and in their personal lives. We aim to decrease illness, improve nutrition, increase physical activity, and promote healthy habits. Here's how we can help: 

1) Nutrition Education Programs 

Our curriculum, offers workshops with monthly health themes that build knowledge for your team members.  Each month we offer employees multiple ways to learn and interact with these foundational health principles. 

This includes a monthly:

  • Nutrition workshop
  • Chef/ snack demo
  • Internal content
  • Health accountability group 

2) Food Program Support

We believe that food is the best way to cultivate employee engagement and make a real difference in the health of your company. We offer:

  • Catering and in-house culinary program consulting
  • Snack program design
  • Food program strategy and operational support 

3) Wellness Program Consulting.

We focus on all aspects of a company’s existing wellness programs and look to strengthen current practices and expand health initiatives to reach the holistic wellness desires of a company. We build and implement targeted assessment tools to help you craft  a effective wellness plans. 


We work with great companies:

How do we do it?

1. Overall wellness strategic planning, program development and execution.

2. In-house nutrition and fitness classes.

3. Executive and employee wellness coaching and support for individuals or groups.

4. Food program enhancement and chef support

5. Corporate pantry assessment, consulting, and design.

6. Cafe or food service space design aimed to promote good choices.

7. Internal wellness program promotion though coaching, signage and other forms of employee engagement.