Leandra Rouse

People often find that in today’s busy world it is hard to carve out time for work, exercise, and family.

As a nutritionist and busy professional myself, I know that health is best reached when we can merge those often opposing worlds. I focus my coaching on corporate wellness and media hosting because it is a way to meet my audience in the workplace and through engaging entertainment. I work with executives, employees, corporate chefs, and food and beverage departments to educate, coach, and support their efforts to be healthier.

As a personal health coach, I know that fitness and nutrition are inextricably linked, and trying to achieve one without the other is a losing battle. With this in mind, I reject the one-size-fits-all approach of dieting and fad workouts and instead create tailored plans that lead my clients to find something that they love (and stick with it).

I like to connect with people as individuals—whether we are one-on-one or in a group class—and creatively offer multiple approaches because different things speak to different people. My approachability allows me to meet people exactly where they are and build an achievable program from there. We start by adding healthy foods and building lifestyle habits that will increase their knowledge and fit easily into their lives. This approach cultivates a healthy relationship with food and exercise that is much more effective and lasting than any diet. In all of my classes, I offer applicable tools to help you start building a healthy lifestyle today.

Looking for something more formal? Here is my bio:

Leandra is a certified fitness and nutrition expert and on-camera personality. She specializes in individual and corporate wellness coaching, and her philosophy is that lasting health can only come from the marriage of an active life and a healthy diet. As a corporate wellness coach, she works closely with clients to create internal wellness programs that support both the company and its employees. Leandra started out with 10 years of experience as a personal trainer, working with executives throughout the Bay Area. As on-camera talent, Leandra is the resident wellness expert at Joyus.com and additionally offers bite-sized wellness tips for television and web series such as Good Day Chicago and White Collar Brawler. When not behind the camera or coaching in the corporate kitchen, you can find her running the hills of San Francisco and testing recipes for her blog.

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To get you started, here are six rules to live by:

Eat food, mostly plants: The words of Michael Pollan ring true: by eating a diet that is made of real food, mostly plants, and not too much, you will be getting the nutrients your body needs to run beautifully each day.

Move daily: Habits take 21 days to form. For each day you opt out of exercise, it will take another two to get you back on the wagon. But by adding movement to your daily life, even in the form of a walk, you will be more likely to exercise regularly and be better equipped to push yourself.

Get passionate about your health: Health is a habit—what you do most of the time will reflect your health the rest of the time. Focus your energy on cultivating healthy habits in your life rather than wasting time and guilt on dieting.

Learn to cook: Food that is cooked in the home is leaner, has more nutrients, and puts you in the driver’s seat of your health.

Play more: Exercise can take many shapes, and the best kind is when you barely recognize you are doing it. Pick up healthy hobbies like dancing or cycling that let you enjoy life and take care of yourself, too.

Eat Seasonally: Seasonal food is tastier, more nutritious, and more affordable than your favorite things out of season. Learn to eat with the seasons to support your local food systems and keep your kitchen fresh!


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